3 reasons to visit Australia

Deep tropical rainforests, infinite sunbaked scopes, magnificent southern beaches, lush natural beauty, the never-ending vastness of land filled with so many exciting things to explore and discover. These are just some of the words to describe an astonishing Australia trip.   


About Australia

The greatest attraction in Australia is perhaps its natural beauty. Magnificent sceneries, most bizarre wildlife, glorious beaches, astounding oldest rainforest, and beautiful sunny weather that lights up everything into one awe-inspiring panorama. It creates a unique experience of every Australia travel. 

 Much of Australia’s character is its absolute immensity and assorted population. Although it is one of the sixth biggest countries in the world, it has the lowest populace with only about two people per square kilometre. However, that does not affect the astounding facets that Australia has to offer visitors from all over the world. 

The cities are a blend of fun and excitement as well; when the sun sets, it buzzes with alfresco cafés, nightclubs, and live jazz and rock pubs. Some of the world’s luxurious hotels and resorts catering to every visitor’s tastes, from single to romantic couples, to families and groups, it’s all here. The cities are a combination of European passion for art and cuisines with a relaxed adoration of sport and the outdoors.  

There’s nothing like an Australia travel, packed with total diversity and whole new excitement blended with the finest of nature, in the biggest island of the world. Best of all, anytime is a great time for Australia travel, as the climate is generally agreeable any time of the year.  


Adelaide Australia 

 A first time visitor in Australia would surely have difficulty, which places to visit first. There are many big and highly urbanized cities in Australia, and the one that stood out the most is Adelaide in South Australia.   

Adelaide Australia is a planned city that was conceptualized by one of its forefathers William Light. It is the capital of one of Australia’s biggest state, South Australia that became a British colony on December 28, 1836. Its famous name was taken after its equally famous Queen Adelaide of Britain. Being South Australia’s seat of government it is home to the many government offices and financial institutions. Before the European settlement took place in Adelaide Australia, the Karnal Aboriginal tribe inhabited the city.  


Adelaide has an arid climate but similar to that of the Mediterranean wherein most of its winter months rain is expected, though unpredictable during summertime. June is considered as the rainy month when most of the rainfall occurs averaging up to 80mm. 


 Adelaide is rich in cultural heritage. Old churches dotted the whole city of Adelaide, making it a perfect destination for pilgrims and art aficionados. In the music scene, Adelaide has produced homegrown talents that have worldwide acclaim, bringing honour and pride to the city. The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Adelaide Youth Orchestra are just two of Adelaide’s pride that has carved a niche in the international music and art arena. Adelaide people are also sports lovers, in fact, it played host to several F1 Race Australian Grand Prix.  

 Adelaide gives a high premium on education. Famous tertiary-education institutions, both public and private, have provided the Adelaide denizen and visitors top quality professional and vocational education and training. The most popular among the state-run universities is the University of Adelaide. It has already produced top graduates who garnered numerous awards from Nobel and scholarships from Rhodes. It is most famous for its law and medicine programs.  


Australian Beaches 

 Australia beaches are a must-see place in Australia. An Australian adventure is never complete without a trip to one of these beaches. 

 Bondi beach is one of the famous Australia beaches. Located along the coastlines of Sydney, it has hosted the beach volley event of the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Bondi beach promises a lot of activities for tourists. It is excellent for relaxation, scuba diving and sunbathing. 

Food is never a problem at Bondi because there are plenty of restaurants that offer affordable food for those on a budget and high-end ones for those who can afford to shell out more. Visitors can bring their families and friends to Bondi beach because the area can be considered a social playground. Getting to shore is very easy because many buses ply along the route toward Bondi beach. 

Bondi Beach


 In Western Australia, Turquoise Bay is located at the Ningaloo Marine Park which is roughly 60 kilometres from Exmouth. The beach boast of turquoise water as the name suggests. The beach is dotted with reefs that make it ideal for snorkelling which can be enjoyed even by the neophytes. So don’t forget to bring you flippers, goggles, and snorkel. If you plan to play with the water, a good pair of swimsuits will be just beautiful. Enjoy the pampering of the waves and whispering echoes of the tides. Visiting the bay is a truly enchanting experience. 


Visit Queensland

If you are in Queensland or plan to pay a visit there soon, Sunshine Coast should be one of your destinations. The pristine clear water that sparkles like emeralds is a sure sight to behold. You can go fishing, canoeing if your idea of a truly Australia beaches adventure is more than just swimming. Experience tranquillity at its highest and savour serenity at its most splendid abundance. At Sunshine Coast, you will experience paradise like you never felt before.  


There are more Australia beaches that one can choose from. Depending on one’s definition of adventure, all the beautiful beaches are perfect hideaways and getaways. Memories of these places will surely linger long and will continue to remind every visitor to keep coming back. 


Sydney Australia 

 Australia’s major and oldest city, Sydney, Australia, the capital of New South Wales. Often described as sunny, sophisticated, and stunning, Sydney Australia is one of the biggest cities in the globe. Fortunately, nearly all of its most exciting attractions are concerted in a moderately ‘packed-in’ area, the Sydney Harbour, one of the world’s exceptional city harbours. 


The most celebrated landmark, of course, is the Sydney Opera.

Walking across the opera house will lead visitors to another grand emblem, the Sydney Harbour Bridge; lying beneath it, is The Rock, which is a historic section of Sydney as the site of Australia’s first colonial settlement in 1788 and home to vibrant characters, artists, and residents.   

There are many things to do in Sydney Australia that even spending a week will not be enough. Summers are Sydney’s best times, especially on the beaches, with over twenty beaches stretched along the oceanfront of the city and harbour, pampering each tourist with striking choices. The most popular is Bondi, which facets a golden sand beach well-known for its Speedo-dressed lifeguards and surfboarders. 

Sydney Harbor


Tamara Beach

A “must-do” is strolling the two-mile coastal path that takes you to cliff tops through the pleasant Tamara Beach. Onto the magnificent Bronte Beach, where one can chill out with the Pacific’s crashing waves. Another pleasurable thing to do is another beach favourite, the Manly, which is a thirty-minute ferry ride from the Circular Quay.   

Sydney Australia gives a blend of adventure for both the beach lovers and nature enthusiasts. Four national parks are offering a fabulous ambience giving the opportunity to picnic, bushwalk, or simply explore. 

Best of all, Sydney provides excellent value for travellers on a budget. Food and public transports are inexpensive, hotel rooms are far cheaper, and attractions are usually reasonably priced.

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