3 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur With Michelin Stars

3 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur With Michelin Stars. Whether you are a foodie or just want to try some of the finest fares in the world, these three restaurants in Kuala Lumpur with Michelin stars will make your trip worthwhile. These eateries all serve delicious cuisines that range from Malaysia to Singapore and Thailand, but they are also known for their outstanding service.

3 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur With Michelin Stars

Sushi Saito

Having earned three Michelin stars, Sushi Saito is one of the most sought-after sushi restaurants in the world. This popular Kuala Lumpur eatery serves up traditional Edomae sushi. The menu changes according to the season. Known for its airy rice and fresh fish, Saito is a popular choice among sushi lovers.

Chef Saito hand-picks the chefs he employs. The Japanese master personally trains the chefs in the art of sushi-making. He also personally chooses the ingredients for the dishes. He is known for his meticulous preparation of rice. He uses smaller cuts of fish and applies a lemon to the fish before serving.

Saito is also a master of pressed rice. His counter is made of 300-year-old hinoki wood, a type of Japanese cypress. This natural material is said to possess antimicrobial properties. It adds a luxurious touch to the restaurant’s interior.

Taka by Sushi Saito is the first sushi restaurant outside Tokyo to earn a three-star Michelin rating. This is the chef’s maiden venture outside of Japan. He is assisted by sushi chef Masashi Kubota. He has been working for Chef Saito for two years and has achieved the level of sushi-making that the chef is satisfied with.

There are only eight seats at the sushi counter. This makes it very difficult to get a table. However, the restaurant does not have a waiting list.

The sushi menu at Taka by Sushi Saito is a mirror of the menu at the Tokyo restaurant. It features first-rate seafood flown in from Japan thrice a week.

The omakase menu is available at RM1,400++ for lunch and RM1,400++ for dinner. A selection of seasonal ingredients is selected for each course. The sushi is sourced from the Tsukiji market in Tokyo. It also features a collection of sake. The omakase includes various items such as scallops, octopus carpaccio, sea bream, and cod milt.

The winter menu features flounder, yellow tail, and cod milt. A special winter dish is a piece of seabream skin that is boiled in water to create a delicious, chewy texture. The seabream is also paired with rice, vinegar, and salt. The combination of these elements provides a unique taste.

3 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur With Michelin Stars

Pang’s Kitchen

Located in the Taman Desa area, Pang’s Kitchen is a Michelin-star restaurant with a gourmet twist. This Hong Kong eatery has been serving the best homecooked Cantonese cuisine for over 15 years. Now, the seasoned chef has opened a branch in Malaysia.

This is the first foreign outpost of this popular Chinese restaurant. With over 100 dishes, Pang’s Kitchen offers a range of premium food items, including seafood, steamed prawns with glutinous rice, and crispy chicken with garlic. It’s also ideal for family dining.

Besides the food, the restaurant has an excellent a-la-carte menu. Its best feature is the sweeping views of KL’s skyline. The 11th-floor restaurant is perfect for fine dining and boasts picture-postcard views of the city.

The restaurant is managed by Malaysian Chef Heng, who trained under Pang Pak-Sheung, the founding master chef of Pang’s Kitchen in Hong Kong. His signature dish is steamed prawns with garlic and glutinous rice. He also supervises the KL kitchen.

Aside from its stellar service and food, one of the restaurant’s unique selling points is its impressive wine list. It features a selection of Spanish, Chilean, and Argentinean wines.

In addition to its food offerings, the restaurant also has a fine-dining room with a private balcony and a set seasonal menu. The star of the restaurant is its 11th-floor dining room, which features a breathtaking view of KL’s skyline. The restaurant was awarded a Michelin star in 2015 and it is poised to receive its second award later this year.

Besides its culinary excellence, the Michelin star-winning restaurant is also notable for its sleek design. It is the perfect spot for a proper meal in Kuala Lumpur.

The restaurant’s other snag is the long queues it attracts. Expect to wait for your table between 30 minutes and an hour.

For a reasonable price, you can enjoy a feast at this reputable restaurant. Its bi Feng tang typhoon shelter crabs are RM50 for two crabs.

The menu also includes a handful of other things to see and taste. The boiled pigeon soup with sea cucumber is a dish worth a mention, and so is the homemade bean curd dressed in a delicious braised sauce.

Din Tai Fung

Xiaolongbao is one of the signature items of Din Tai Fung. The restaurant has won many awards for its delicious dumplings and soup noodles. Aside from the xiaolongbao, many other dishes are available to choose from. Some of the other menu items are spicy shrimp and chicken wontons, handmade noodle dishes, and fluffy steamed custard buns.

The Din Tai Fung brand was started in Taiwan but has expanded to various countries and continents. There are more than 100 outlets in the world. The chain has branches in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It is also available in the United States and Australia.

The brand was also rated as one of the top ten gourmet restaurants in the world by the New York Times. Their menu is filled with Taiwanese dishes with a Shanghainese influence. Some of their most popular dishes include their signature xiaolongbao and broth-filled steamed buns. The company also has a variety of noodle dishes and fried rice dishes to choose from.

There are over 150 dishes on the menu. Some of their signature items include crispy chicken with garlic, scrambled milk with scallops, and sweet and sour pork with strawberry.

Another famous dish is their Oriental Salad. It has a lot of ingredients, including dry bean curds, sea kelp, and glass noodles. It is served chilled.

The Minced Pork In Bean Sauce Dry Noodles is also a signature item. The combination of textures and flavours makes it a must-try. The houseboat noodle is another menu item to look out for. The pork chop fried rice uses Japanese rice grains and premium pork chop.

Other menu items include hot-and-sour soup and handmade noodle dishes. Customers can order a wide variety of dishes to share. The set meal includes a steamed soup dumpling, fried rice, and a beverage. A beer promo is also offered. The company also offers delivery services.

The restaurant was ranked number one in the world for the best soup dumplings by The New York Times in 2009. It has also been a favourite of the international celebrity crowd.

The National Museum of Malaysia

Bijan Bar and Restaurant

Located in the Kampung-style setting, Bijan Bar and Restaurant is a great place for you to experience traditional Malay cuisine. This place has received numerous awards for its authentic dishes, including being a finalist in the Miele Guide’s Top 500 Restaurants in Asia Pacific. This place also has a four-star rating on TripAdvisor.

Aside from the traditional dishes, this restaurant also offers modern plates for their customers. The owners of this place have spent a lot of time researching and infusing traditional recipes with new things. This place also has a unique interior that is cosy, warm, and romantic. You will feel like you are spending a night in a friend’s house when you enter this place.

The menu of this place features several appetizers. Some of these are cucur udang, pegedil, daging bungkus kukus, popiah goreng and more. All these are served with coconut gravy. You can also try their signature Malay dish, masak Lemak.

The chefs of this place are very innovative and are always coming up with fresh and new dishes for their guests. They also have an extensive list of wines for their patrons. You can also enjoy their degustation menu, which is perfect for a date. This restaurant also offers a wide selection of food options for people with gluten allergies.

The prices of these dishes are quite expensive compared to the street price, but it is worth it if you are looking for a place where you can experience the richness of Malaysian cuisine. The restaurant also received the Best Malay Restaurant title from the public in 2013. In addition, it was shortlisted as one of the five best independent restaurants in the T Dining Food Awards. The place has even been shortlisted as one of the best restaurants in KL.

You can find the best Malay food in the city right here at Bijan Restaurant. Whether you are looking for a meal for a special occasion or want to have a family dinner with your kids, this is the place to be. If you are looking for a place that is near the KLCC and Bukit Bintang area, this is the place to go.

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