adventure travel on horseback

Adventure Travel On Horseback

How about horseback riding on an adventure trip?
The most beautiful and remote places on earth are accessible by horse.

At the same time, you are:

• Practising a great sport
• In perfect nature
• in harmony with nature and history
• Creating a bond with a beautiful animal


Have you ever thought about adventure travel on horseback?

On a horse, you can reach such beautiful and remote destinations that are difficult to reach with another type of transport while practising a sport that is a favourite of humankind for thousands of years.


Adventure travel on horseback Tours

There are many horse riding tours around the world. Africa, Asia, Europe and South America offer incredible horseback riding adventures.

Horseback riding is a part of the culture and history of almost all countries around the world. It is how our ancestors used to travel, and for those with a sense of history, there is no better way to go. When arriving at a place on horseback, locals will greet you friendly and enthusiastically and you can easily connect. Horses are a beautiful introduction and icebreaker almost anywhere.


Adventure travel: Exploring Hawaii on horseback

Are you looking for a wilderness adventure? Horses are the way to go unless you want to hike and wear your gear. Horseback riding takes you from inn to inn, from castle to castle, from or from one comfortable camp to another. The costs are very reasonable compared to bicycle or bus trips.


Anyone can do it

Horseback riding adventures vary significantly in the skill and experience required to handle them safely. Most of these tours go out in every way and include some excellent canter so you can cover 15 to 35 miles a day. Beginners need several days of instruction before even trying a smooth trip. Still, those who are reasonably fit, not overweight and with an open mind can catch on very quickly. A week of intensive driving with excellent instruction can easily prepare most people for less demanding adventures.


It’s an adventure

One of the tremendous benefits of horseback riding is that you share the experience with a friendly animal. Also interested in the sights and sounds and likes galloping on the beach or open plain, just as you do. A whole day riding in the saddle is also a great exercise, and riding is a great way to keep fit while having fun. It’s much more exciting and satisfying than travelling in a bus or landrover all day, which isn’t an adventurous trip at all. Another dividend is the excellent appetite that you develop after a day in the saddle for the delicious food.


During an African ride, a good horse can surpass a furious Cape buffalo or elephant and protect you. Every night comfortable camps are waiting for you, the food is excellent and the service excellent. Try a Knight-like horseback ride through the castles of the Loire Valley into the courtyards on your horse. You can gallop along forest trails where the French aristocracy once chased the wild deer. There is a wide range of options for horse riding holidays.

Does it appeal to you to travel in harmony with nature without using machines or an unresponsive bicycle? Well, you should take horseback riding tours.

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