Places to visit in Mexico

Mexico is one of those destinations that have everything for everyone. Comprised of 31 states and one federal district, all 1,923,040 sq km of this country has places to visit in Mexico that tourists and travellers favour.


Here are just a few tips for places to visit in Mexico. 




Once no more than a small fishing village located in Mexico’s Caribbean coastline, Cancun was developed into the country’s leading centre for tourism sometime in the late 19th century. Now, the state is one of the favourite Mexico vacation spots that travellers like you frequent.  


Cancun features a hotel zone where you can find the glitziest resorts, modern hotel buildings, white powdery beaches, and fantastic ocean waves. Here, the water seems always clear the sun bright, and the beaches always perfect, so it’s no wonder that this shoreline gets top billing when it comes to Mexico vacation spots.  


Here are a few fun things you can do in this excellent destination: 


  • Swimming with the Dolphins – At Villas Marlin, Club Baccara, Avalon Grand, and Gran Caribe Real Cancun located in the one of the most beautiful Mexico vacation spots, La Isla, you can swim with the dolphins for a price range starting at 50 dollars. 


  • Matador/Bull Face-Off – Here’s a chance for you to reflect on Mexico’s Spanish roots. Every Wednesday at precisely 3:30 p.m. a brave matador has a face-off with a stupid bull at the Bull Ring in Bonampak and the corner of Sayil, in an ancient manhood ritual that has become part of Mexican tradition. 


  • Clean, Family Fun – All-inclusive resorts, free water parks, joy rides, and family-friendly attractions, it’s no wonder that Cancun is considered one of the best Mexico vacation spots for the travelling family. At Cancun’s hotel zone, go past Punta Nizuc to find a family water park complete with rides and attractions that the kids are surely going to love. There is also a small ecological park in the heart of downtown Cancun featuring spider monkeys, replica Mayan dwellings, ducks, and crocodiles, and all for free.  


visit Mexico
A view along the beach of the Caribbean Sea and hotels in Cancun, Mexico


If you are crazy about golf, then Ixtapa is one of those places to visit in Mexico that should interest you. This beautiful state that forms part of Mexico’s famous Guerrero Sun Triangle has several excellent golf courses, including the 18 hole golf course at the Palma Real Golf and Tennis Club. No less than world-class designer Robert Trent Jones The course designed the course. The course features excellent golfing for beginners and pros alike.  


For more golfing options, the Marina Ixtapa Golf Course also offers excellent golfing for enthusiasts with its 18 hole course designed by Robert Von Hagge. Prices start at 50 dollars and may vary according to the golf course and whether you are playing during the week or the weekend. 


Not golfing?

Besides golf, Ixtapa also offers excellent sport fishing, a fact the more adventurous anglers only recently discovered that. The place is teeming with a profusion of sailfish, black and blue marlin, as well as yellowfin tuna and dorado or mahi-mahi. Ixtapa holds the record of over a thousand-pound blue marlin caught off its shore.  


There are plenty more Mexico vacation spots you can check out. Places like Los Cabos and Mazatlan offers excellent sightseeing options, along with snorkelling and horseback riding. The beaches of Tulum have always beckoned tourists to visit. At the same time, the Northern Region of Mexico holds its brand of charm with its dazzling landscape of arid deserts and mysterious looking gorges.

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