The Best Tapas Restaurants in Spain

The Best Tapas Restaurants in Spain. Choosing a Tapas restaurant in Spain can be a difficult decision. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from. Read on to learn about some of the best options available in the country.

Mercado de San Miguel

Mercado de San Miguel is one of the most famous tapas restaurants in Madrid. It is an old market in the center of the city that has been renovated. Its modern structure is designed by Juan Manuel Alarcon.

It is a place where you can find different kinds of food from all over Spain. It has meats, vegetables, fruits, and seafood. There are 30 food stalls in Mercado de San Miguel. The food at the market is great. It can be quite crowded on weekends.

The best time to visit Mercado de San Miguel is in the morning. There are fewer people there in the morning and you can enjoy the market.

The market is open on weekends from 10 am to 1 am. It is closed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It is also closed on holidays.

It is recommended that you save a table if you plan to eat at the market. You can also visit the market in the morning if you want to avoid the crowd.

Aside from the Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid has other food markets. These markets are perfect for those who want to try different foods. The markets are also great places to get souvenirs and pantry items.

Bar La Plata

Located in the Gothic Quarter, Bar La Plata is a small corner bar that serves tapas. Known for its simple tapas menu, the bar attracts tourists and locals alike. The menu is fairly basic, but it does offer a few surprises.

La Plata has been in business since 1945. The menu includes a few simple tapas that have remained unchanged throughout the years. The bar offers a selection of fried anchovies, fried sardines, and a tomato salad. You can also order a drink. The restaurant offers red vermouth, rose wine, and barrel wine.

For those looking for more of a dining experience, the restaurant offers an outdoor terrace. You can sit at marble tables while enjoying your food. The restaurant also has a small grill. You can order a variety of grilled meats, including octopus with Iberian Tocino. The restaurant also serves croquettes, calamari, and a skewer of Duroc pork with turmeric.

The restaurant also serves an omelet with fish sauce. The restaurant is also known for its fried egg carpaccio. You can also try a plate of fresh anchovies. The menu is also known for its saffron rouille sauce.

The restaurant is located near Picasso’s first studio. The staff reflects the style of the place. This makes it a great choice after visiting the Picasso Museum.

Bodega 1900

Located in Barcelona, Spain, Bodega 1900 is the latest endeavor from Albert Adria, the younger brother of Ferran Adria. The restaurant is a tribute to the taverns of yore. The menu has been designed to evoke a turn-of-the-century vermouth bar, while still incorporating modern-day ingredients and techniques.

The menu is a 328-square-foot celebration of Catalan cuisine. You’ll find small plates, starters, and mains. There are also daily specials based on the best products from the market. The drinks are on point. It’s also a great spot for coffee or tea. You can find specialty ice cubes stamped with ‘1900’.

The restaurant also boasts a wine list. In a town known for its beer and wine, Bodega 1900 stands out for its vermouth selection. It’s also got a good chocolate frappe.

The bar itself is a bit cramped. The tapas, however, are quite impressive. In the same vein as a bodega, the menu is made up of a small selection of simple tapas. You can find a chargrilled red pepper with black pudding, a smoked mackerel with sea urchins, and air-dried tuna with almonds. The food is also good, though a bit overpriced.

The most impressive menu item is the “olives”. This is a nod to the classic recipes of the early 20th century. The olives are made into a gelatinous mound, which is then pushed onto your tongue. It’s a feat of molecular gastronomy.

Casa Toni

Located on the coast road between Moraira and Calpe, Casa Toni Restaurant is a great choice for a nifty little meal. Their menu features modern Mediterranean cuisine, as well as the finest wines from their cellar. Their staff is friendly and their prices are very reasonable. The restaurant also accepts reservations. The restaurant can accommodate 70 people on its outdoor terrace.

In addition to their laudable menu, they also offer an interestingly themed cocktail list. The bar is well-stocked with local beers, wines, and an assortment of sherry in cask. The best part is the staff is friendly and the ambiance is laid-back. The restaurant is not cheap, but the quality of the food and service is worth every cent.

One of the best features of the restaurant is the decor, which is quite impressive for a restaurant of this caliber. The decor is a mix of old-world style with a hint of modern chic. There are two stories to the establishment. The main level is home to the main dining room and the second floor holds the bar and lounge. A nice touch is the bar’s ambiance, which is a pleasant change from the usual diner experience.

In addition to its impressive drinks list, Casa Toni is also home to one of the best breakfasts in town.


Whether you’re looking to experience Spanish culture for yourself or you’re traveling with a Spanish family or friend, there’s a wide variety of tapas restaurants in Spain to choose from. Some offer traditional dishes like patatas bravas and croquetas, while others offer modern Spanish fare.

Traditionally, tapas are a small dish, usually served in bars in Spain with a drink. But they can also be eaten as a meal.

In Spain, tapas are served in bars all over the country, from Galicia to the Canary Islands. Some of the most popular tapas are patatas bravas and gambas al ajillo.

Traditionally, Spanish people eat their tapas in bars before dinner. But some restaurants serve tapas all day long. A good example is the Ventorrillo El Chato, a small restaurant in Cadiz.

The origin of the tapas might have been the lifestyle of farmers in the 19th century. They were required to eat small meals during the day to stay awake and alert, so they could work the fields. They ate these small snacks on the go, like a bartender.

Some of the most popular tapas include patatas bravas, gambas al ajillo, and croquetas. Some bars even offer a shot of orujo, a strong liquor from Galicia.

Vaso de Oro

Located in La Barceloneta, the famous seaside neighborhood of Barcelona, El Vaso de Oro is a popular tapas restaurant. With more than 50 years of history, El Vaso de Oro has been serving classic Spanish tapas and artisanal beers. With a long, narrow wooden bar and a handful of tables, the tapas restaurant is not for those who prefer a quiet dinner, but it’s a popular tapas bar.

El Vaso de Oro has an extensive menu, with a variety of tapas and meat-and-potas style dishes. The tapas menu is based on traditional Spanish cuisine, but some of the dishes are a little more innovative. Some of the dishes are made with locally sourced ingredients. Some of the dishes include chorizo, meatballs with cuttlefish, tortilla, grilled sirloin, and fried prawns. The restaurant also has a wide selection of beer, including its own brewed beer.

El Vaso de Oro’s beer service is one of the main reasons to visit this tapas restaurant. The waiters wear white nautical uniforms with gold trim. They serve beer in ceramic beer mugs. They also have coasters that have a spring of beer on them. The beer is foamy and brewed on-site, making this tapas restaurant an excellent place for beer lovers.

Vi Cool

Located in the trendy Huertas neighborhood, Vi Cool Tapas restaurant in Spain offers a wide variety of traditional Spanish tapas. Chefs put a modern twist on classic dishes. They also serve a tapas-tasting lunch menu for 20 euros. Vi Cool also accepts walk-ins and reservations.

Vi Cool Tapas restaurant in Spain is owned by Sergi Arola. The tapas at Vi Cool is more affordable than Arola’s other restaurants. However, the food is still delicious. The menu features a wide variety of tapas, including grilled beef with caramelized onions, tuna tartar, and patatas bravas. The tapas at Vi Cool is a great value for the quality of the food.

Located in the trendy Huertas area of Barcelona, Vi Cool Tapas restaurant in Spain is the newest addition to the Sergi Arola restaurant group. It offers a wide variety of tapas, as well as a tapas-tasting lunch menu for $20. The menu also features a wide variety of international snacks.

Vi Cool is owned by Sergi Arola, a Spanish chef who has several restaurants in Madrid. However, Vi Cool Tapas restaurant in Spain has a more trendy atmosphere than its other restaurants.

The menu features a wide variety of traditional Spanish tapas, as well as a wide variety of international snacks. Guests can also enjoy a cocktail at Casa Camacho. This cocktail features gin, soda, and cured anchovies.