The Right Time To Visit the Island of Bali

what time is it in bali right nowThe island of Bali in Indonesia is a favorite destination for many people, not only for Indonesians but also for foreign tourists. Before vacationing in Bali, make sure you know the time difference in Bali, so you don’t have to ask again what time is it in Bali right now.


Also, know when is the best time to visit or vacation on the island of Bali. Bali has many tourist attractions that local and foreign tourists enjoy, including its natural beauty, culinary variety, traditions, etc.


The Right Time for A Vacation or Visiting Bali

When planning a vacation in Bali, you should first find out when is the right time to come there. It will relate to cultural festival performances, weather, and so on. Here is the time in Bali right now, which is perfect for a vacation:


1. Avoid Holiday Season

It would be better to vacation in Bali not during the holidays but on ordinary days. For example, in certain months, namely April, June, October, May, and September. Those months are usually not busy in Bali, and not too many tourists visiting or vacationing there. The advantage of having a vacation to Bali, not during the holiday season, is that the rental prices for villas or hotel rooms are usually cheaper.

There is a decrease in the price of approximately 20-30%. In addition, the cost of the plane ticket is at the regular price and not the high session price. The Bali Island area is quieter than during the holiday season. Then you can enjoy the beauty of this island and a number of its tourist attractions comfortably, without having to be crammed or even queued.


2. Avoid the rainy season

Another best time to vacation in Bali is when it is not the rainy season if the holiday in the rainy season will usually be more disruptive to activities, especially if your tourist destination is in outdoor places.

You will also be more awry when traveling somewhere when it rains. It is also impossible to go to the beach when it rains or does other activities such as rafting and outbound, which will be dangerous.


3. November to April

Certain months such as November to April will be the right time for a vacation to Bali, especially for those who like surfing. During these months, the waves on the beach are big and perfect for surfing.

The excellent area for surfing is in the eastern region of ​​the island of Bali. Try to visit some of the area’s beaches in these months.


Also, ensure you always know the time difference between where you live and the time in Bali so you don’t get confused when you’re on vacation. Also, choose exciting tourist attractions in Bali.

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