Tropical Beach Vacation

Tropical Beach Vacation Ideas

Who does not dream of Tropical islands and beaches? Here you can enjoy the sun and warmth all year round. There are many tropical Beach vacation destinations around the world, including Hawaii, Fiji, the Caribbean and Bora Bora, but also in Europe, for example in Madeira, Portugal.

Here are some Tropical beach vacation ideas.



Tropical Beach Vacation
Landscape view of Kauai, Hawaii, USA

Hawaii offers you several islands and beaches to enjoy a tropical beach vacation. Oahu Island may be
the most popular, home to the infamous Waikiki Beach
and Honolulu, the capital of the state of Hawaii. Maui offers
you several luxury resorts, golf courses and
a Vulcano. The islands Molokai and Lanai can be reached by ferry from Maui, or you can fly there from Honolulu.

Hawaii’s Big Island is the largest,
with Volcanoes National Park, with amazing
waterfalls and breathtaking beaches.

Known for its tropical vegetation, Kauai has often used Hollywood movies.


Tropical beach vacation tip:

Polo Beach – Hawaii

Hawaii’s Polo Beach is a sandy beach with clearwater, which makes it ideal for swimming and also snorkelling. It is located in South Maui and has a front by the Fairmont Kea Lani Maui, which is a luxury beach resort.


Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean islands consist of many different ones large and small islands, including the Bahamas, Jamaica, Barbados, the British Virgin Islands and Anguilla, just to name a few.

The Caribbean islands offer beautiful beaches,
crystal clear water and warm weather. The
vacation activities include diving, swimming,
snorkelling, sailing and even fishing.

Shore excursions in Jamaica


The island of Fiji consists of several tropical islands that are known for their azure waters and sandy beaches. There are several resorts you can choose, like “The Yasawa Island Resort” and“The Fiji Islands Resort”.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is probably one of the most amazing islands of
Tahiti, south of the equator. A coral reef protects the beaches here. You will find several resorts and fantastic views on Bora Bora.


Seven Mile Beach – Jamaica

Negril’s Seven Mile Beach is the longest stretch white sand in Jamaica. Located near Negril on the western tip of Jamaica. This beach is truly one magnificent sight to see. Here you will find your favourite stretch of beach with coconut palm trees and just relax near the ocean. Caves which are very close to the beach so you can visit them easily. Activities in Jamaica.

Things to do in Jamaica


Tropical Beach Vacation
Bimini, Bahamas

Atlantis Paradise – Bahamas

Here you can enjoy the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean. Atlantis Paradise gives you long romantic beach walks or cooling off in the water at the resort.
This paradise offers you tropical climate in your piece of paradise, something that every beach lover will appreciate.



Heron Island – Australia

Located on the Great Barrier Reef, Heron Island
beaches offer excellent opportunities for swimming and snorkelling with genuinely beautiful sea life. The tropical Heron Island offers divers over 20 different dive sites, so you can forget about the stress of everyday life here and just immerse yourself in its wonder.

Madeira – Portugal

The beach at Reid’s Palace Hotel is quite a rocky beach, with sharp black rocks. But you can lounge by the pool with a view, or swim in the ocean. The weather is generally pleasant here so that you will remember your beach holiday for a long time.

Miami Beach

An excellent place for many movie stars and fashion models, Miami Beach, offers numerous sandy beaches, including several restaurants and nightly parties in one of the local night clubs. Are you looking for the ideal place to stay? The Tides is a luxury hotel with many spectacular views. Miami Beach is very popular in the United States so that you can enjoy one of the best beach vacations out there.

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