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Morocco’s attractions use a mind-blowing taste of the exotic, with serpent charmers and conjurers, souks stacked high with hordes of treasures as well as endless glasses of mint tea. It’s a journey into North Africa’s spectacular sceneries, with the desert on its doorstep as well as the craggy heights of the Atlas Hills beyond.

Morocco is also a journey right into a timeless, serene world of adorable coastal towns, colourful-painted towns that cling to hills, and remote outposts safeguarded by fanciful adobe forts. This great nation is a merging of the African and Arab worlds and is soaked in olden customs. It’s not surprising that Morocco has been feted by artists and authors for years and continues to bewitch all who check out.

Discover the very best areas to go to in this exciting country with our checklist of the top 11 vacationer attractions in Morocco.


1. Marrakech Medina

Marrakesh medina’s bustling and dynamic buzz summarize Morocco for lots of site visitors and is a significant traveller destination. The old city is gotten in from the large plaza of Djemma el-Fna Square where it appears, half the town merges throughout the day and also into the night to associate the stall vendors, traditional artists, serpent charmers, and random acrobats.

As soon as inside the medina itself, you go into a world of maze-like alleyways and store owner hustle. It’s an experience full of vibrant and noisy neighbourhood life and not miss on your Moroccan sightseeing and tour tracks.


2. Hassan II Mosque

Casablanca’s significant sight and site structure, the Hassan II Mosque is a lush symbol not just of the city, but also of Morocco itself. This modern-day mosque (ended up in 1993) does not make points by halves. The decor information covering every centimetre of the mammoth two-hectare site took 10,000 artisans to finish.

Delicately sculpted marble items, dynamic mosaics, and zellige tile information all commemorate conventional Islamic design suitable as well as the mastery of Moroccan workmanship and yet, at the same time, still handle to feel contemporary.


3. Fes el Bali

Together with Marrakesh, Fes is Morocco’s various other large cultural destination. However, unlike its sibling Imperial City to the south, Fes hasn’t been trussed up for the tourists. Fes el Bali (old city) is real trouble of an area, where it’s effortless to get shed. The streets here, with their chipped plasterwork and beautiful old doors, will have you stopping for photos on every corner and going to the stinking tanneries is one of Fes el Bali’s most prominent things to do for those that can manage the scent.

4. Tangier

The most European of all Morocco’s cities, Tangier has an exciting and slightly wrong function in 20th-century literary history, and also this past is what draws several visitors here. This city influenced renowned jobs such as Paul Bowles’ The Sheltering Sky and William Burroughs’ Nude Lunch.

Tangier may have been scrubbed up given that their day, with the bohemian coffee shops as well as louche bars long gone, but you can still catch a whiff of the decadent days passed.


5. Volubilis

Morocco’s number one Roman destroy is a feast for history fans, with a clutch of remarkable mosaics still interred where they were uncovered. This website is also full of tumbled columns and holy place remnants, standing as reminders that the best empires ultimately collapse. The hilltop place permits the ruins to lord over the surrounding countryside, adding to the romantic atmosphere of lost glory. Direct via the ruins to the Capitol as well as Online forum to feast on the views.

This traveller destination can easily be seen as an excursion from either Meknes or Fes.


6. Bab al-Mansour

This mammoth entrance (which protects the entryway to Meknes’ Imperial City district from the medina) is kept in mind for its magnificent design. Meant as a massive pointer of the sultan’s might, the Bab al-Mansour is a splendid antique of Meknes’s marvellous period as Morocco’s funding. It’s extensively considered as Morocco’s grandest and also ideal maintained gateway.

Come in the late afternoon to photograph the gate in the soft light, then stray with Meknes’ tiny labyrinth of a medina, which is a far more laid-back event than the medina of close-by Fes.


7. Ait Ben Haddou

This golden-stoned adobe kasbah (fortress) thrusts dramatically out of the planet amid scenery that wows all that see. It’s a fairy-tale area, and also unsurprisingly the orange-hued turrets and curved lanes inside have come to be a favourite movie location for Hollywood because of the surreal appeal of the region. You can also sleep within the kasbah if you want the full Ait Ben Haddou experience, though those that like their creature comforts need to realize that there’s no electrical power within the fortress itself.

If you’re heading out right into Morocco’s inland areas, it needs to certainly be on your must-visit list. Try to come in the morning or later on in the mid-day, as the scenic tour bus groups come down from around 10 am to 2 pm. 


8. Dades Valley

Walkers, trekkers, and nature fans shouldn’t miss out on a trip right into the raw landscapes of Morocco’s Dades Valley. There are dinky towns galore; excellent bird-spotting chances; great day-walk choices; and sights of lush areas and also orchards caught in between the high orange cliffs of the gorge, snaking out before you.


9. Erg Chebbi

Inland, in Morocco’s eastern Sahara area, are the vast and surging dune of the Erg Chebbi, where potential explorers and adventure-seekers head to obtain a dose of desert activity. This is prime territory for dune-surfing, four-wheel-drive dune-bashing, and the (much more authentic) camel trekking. For those with less of an active nature, just sitting amid the dune elegance is worthy sufficient of the long trip out here. Most travellers who make it this much emphasize spending the night at a desert camp amidst the dunes themselves.


10. Draa Valley

This valley, which attaches the southeastern end of the High Atlas with the desert beyond, is prime territory for style and history fans. Right to the town of Zagora, the roadway is rimmed by hand tree sanctuaries and also scattered with perfectly preserved kasbahs made from mudbrick, which are interesting to discover.

It’s a fantastic location for a trip, stopping off at villages along the way to appreciate the view and delve into the questionable, poorly lit passages of the kasbahs. Specifically check out Kasbah des Caids in Tamnougalt, which has actually been utilized as a location in plenty of Hollywood films and Timidarte town, where the village’s kasbah architecture has been finely recovered.


11. Rif Mountains

While much of Morocco’s mountain surroundings are craggy peaks surrounded by palm groves and dry levels, the Rif Mountains give some lush green alleviation. For walkers, bikers, and day walkers, this is an excellent possibility to head out into nature with lots of trails for both advanced trekkers and those simply wanting a short, simple walk.

Both Tetouan and Chefchaouen are the primary bases for releasing yourself out on a Rif Hills journey. Check out Talassemtane National Park’s hiking trails for its cedar and fir forest-covered mountain slopes and spectacular canyons and valleys to maximize this region’s natural charm.


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